Sequoia Financial Group was named to the Top 100 Advisors in Plan Adviser Magazine. This list includes advisers who reach the top of their respective peer groups in terms of assets under advisement (AUA) or number of retirement plan clients, including defined contribution (DC), defined benefit (DB) and nonqualified plans.

“It’s an honor to be named to such a prestigious list as the Top 100 Advisors by Plan Adviser Magazine,” stated Stan Milovancev, Executive Vice President, Institutional Services of Sequoia Financial Group. “We have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years and we attribute that to our passion for the industry, commitment to our clients and exceptional team.”

Respondents are allocated into a category in which they are evaluated—these categories are defined by the number of advisers, plus support staff, in the practice. Those figures have assigned advisers into the following categories: individual adviser – meaning one adviser, with support staff; small team – a group of two or more advisers and support staff, the total not exceeding 10; large team – a group of 11 through 35 advisers and support

staff; and mega teams – 36 or more team members. This year’s list includes 15 individuals, 44 small teams, 29 large teams and 12 mega teams.