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Recession Opportunity Kit

Are you or your business ready for a recession? Recessions happen because good times cause bad times and, fortunately, vice-versa. Getting ready for a recession means being prepared. If you knew a storm was coming, you would prepare. To get started, you need a plan.

Latest Updates

Sequoia Announces Merger with LJPR Financial

Sequoia Financial Group has announced that it will merge in LJPR Financial Advisors, a fee-only financial advisor and wealth management firm headquartered in Troy, Michigan. This union brings together two top-rated RIA firms and positions clients, employees, and the firm toward greater...

Bizarro Bond Yields

US bond yields are low and projected to move lower, but nowhere near as low as German bond yields, which are actually below zero. That’s right – negative. Does that mean German banks are paying...

Sequoia Viewpoint 2018

At Sequoia Financial Group, we are constantly raising the bar for our employee performance, technological advancements and for our clients. We are building a sustainable firm, one that lasts longer...