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Viewpoint 2021

We hope you enjoy our 2021 Viewpoint virtual magazine! Inside you'll find a look into the current financial markets and insights into the future as well as our plan for charting our course at Sequoia.

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Sequoia Celebrates 30 Years!

This year, Sequoia Financial Group will celebrate 30 years of service! Thank you to our clients, colleagues and to our Sequoia team for giving us the opportunity to enrich lives for the past three decades.

Latest Updates

Sequoia Named One Of America's Best RIA Firms In 2020 By Barron's

We are excited to share that our firm has been named one of America’s Best RIA Firms in 2020 by Barron’s.

Big Roths: How To Build One And What To Do With It

 A Roth IRA is a magnificent planning tool that offers some huge opportunities: Growth and income can be tax-free There are no Required Minimum Distributions for the owner, a spouse beneficiary and...

Sequoia Viewpoint 2021

At Sequoia, we are building a sustainable firm, one that lasts longer than any one individual. We are building our firm to last for generations, enhancing our expertise, offerings and resources so...