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Recession Opportunity Kit

Are you or your business ready for a recession? Recessions happen because good times cause bad times and, fortunately, vice-versa. Getting ready for a recession means being prepared. If you knew a storm was coming, you would prepare. To get started, you need a plan.

Latest Updates

Sequoia Announces Merger with LJPR Financial

Sequoia Financial Group has announced that it will merge in LJPR Financial Advisors, a fee-only financial advisor and wealth management firm headquartered in Troy, Michigan. This union brings together two top-rated RIA firms and positions clients, employees, and the firm toward greater...

On Chernobyl & Failures Of Imagination

For those of you television fans suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal, we have just the answer for you: HBO's 5-part historical drama miniseries Chernobyl! Yes, this is a TV show about the worst...

Sequoia Viewpoint 2018

At Sequoia Financial Group, we are constantly raising the bar for our employee performance, technological advancements and for our clients. We are building a sustainable firm, one that lasts longer...