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President Tom Haught

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Forward Thinking: We anticipate tomorrow by pushing boundaries today. Industry norms are yesterday’s news.
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Growth Commitment: We will grow—in geography, in headcount, in services offered, and in depth of specialization. To work with Sequoia is to count on to be better tomorrow than we are today.
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Interconnected Value: We will do our best work by counting on the network of happy team members thriving in a culture of growth infrastructure where teams have the resources, leadership, and support they need to excel and enjoy their work
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Unified Trust: We will act as one, modeling for our clients what to expect by showing up for each other, welcoming each other, and seeking to understand.
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Honest Communication: We will provide truth, honesty, and transparency to each other regardless of role, hierarchy
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Meet Our Hiring Director

Kristen Kartisek, MBA, CLU®

You will grow with us. From experienced advisors to new college grads to transitioning principals, every team member will find Sequoia a place to refine their professional mission, move into new opportunities, go deeper, and lead farther. We are built to help you build a career here as a long-term contributor in our work to enrich lives for generations.
At Sequoia, we believe that each team member plays a pivotal role in living our mission every day.
We value generations of team members, just as we do generations of families we serve. Our commitment to care for the entire family extends to our internal culture, where trust, respect, and collaboration are at the core of who we are. We've built an infrastructure that supports work-life balance and fosters top industry talent. We are investors working for investors, and our work is defined not just by what we do but by how we do it. Our values of integrity, teamwork, and passion drive our actions and decisions, making Sequoia a thriving place to build your career."
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Jennifer Koch

Senior Vice President, Organizational Development

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We work to create superior client experiences through fully empowered advisors. Advisor success and client outcomes improve when everyone in the firm is on a path toward professional growth.


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Integrating your firm's unique history with our shared vision benefits clients and team members and cements your legacy for generations.