We define our success by your success. Our Investment Research team develops custom portfolio solutions using diverse asset classes, built around delivering you results.

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Fee Transparency


Barron's Top Financial Advisor*
*Rankings developed by Barron’s using proprietary algorithms. Awarded 9/18/23. No fees were paid or incurred to receive this award. Sequoia Financial Group spent $0 in 2023 for marketing associated with this award.


Assets Under Management
as of 03/31/23

Investment Philosophy

Evidence-backed and driven by the science of capital markets.

Our investment approach is 100% independent and we use an open-architecture investment process, meaning we select investments solely based on the best interest of our clients.

Our data-driven process seeks to identify and continually evaluate the investment landscape for practical, value-additive solutions. We seek to optimize controllable variables, such as fees, taxes, diversification, and risk-management.

Low Cost in Efficient Markets

In competitive markets where the ability to outperform is limited, we opt for lower-fee investments.


Our goal is to maximize your after-tax wealth within risk constraints. Tax efficiency is a core part of how we manage your portfolios.

*The tax and estate planning information offered by the advisor is general in nature. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or tax advice. Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation. Tax preparation is done by a 3rd party and not Sequoia Financial Group.

Active in Inefficient Markets

We believe markets are not perfectly efficient, and we seek out pockets of the investments universe where active management has demonstrated the ability to add excess performance.

Smart Diversification

We diversify across the global investment landscape by asset class, country, sector, style, liquidity, and other factors.

Group 3

Investment Research Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with our expert insights from the Investment Research team. Dive into topics like market trends, portfolio optimization, and risk assessment. Our in-depth analysis and strategic insights are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of investment dynamics.

Alternative investments generally possess risks greater than the risks of traditional investments. Risks such as: market risk, conflict of interest risk, higher fees, liquidity risk, less regulation, default risk, counter party risk, leverage risk, interest rate risk, manager risk, market timing risk, short-selling risk, diversification risk, and foreign exchange risk. Alternative investments are often more volatile than traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.


On September 18, 2023, Sequoia placed 41st on this list for the year 2023. Barron’s weighs dozens of qualitative and quantitative components, including assets managed, the size and experience of teams, regulatory record of the advisors and firms, succession planning, technology spending, and staff diversity based on a 102 question survey. Investment performance isn't an explicit component because not all advisors have audited results and because performance figures often are influenced more by clients' risk tolerance than by an advisor's investment-picking abilities. No fees in any years awarded were paid or incurred to receive this recognition. $0 was spent in 2023, $6,940 in 2022 and $8,500 was spent in 2021 for marketing collateral associated with the award to be used on social media, our website, and email signatures.