Sequoia Financial Group has been sharing financial literacy for over 20 years, simply because it is the right thing to do.

Our passions lie in helping others understand their money. We got our start teaching for the master’s finance program at Walsh College and teaching thousands of Ford’s UAW workers about their retirement options.

Today, we continue to help people understand their money by offering a complimentary Financial Literacy series of books to help others learn about money, and inspire them to have more.

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50 Good IRA Ideas

Second Edition! As part of our continuing dedication to financial literacy, our research team has provided this set of 20 possible planning moves for 2017 that may save taxes.

50 Good 401(k) Ideas

Making the best use of 401(K)S with fifty tax, investment, estate planning and roth ideas.

Estate Planning

Leave a legacy. In this straightforward guide, learn what steps to take now to leave a legacy and provide for your loved ones.

Small Good Choices

Small choices have a big impact. With sixty tips, ranked by complexity and by time, make Small Good Choices and reap the benefits.

Info for First Responders

We’ve been dedicated to serving those who serve us for over 30 years. An entire library of first responder-specific books and resources is available.

Giving Employees the Knowledge to Make Good Decisions

Show employees how – and why – fiduciary financial literacy is worth their while. Download our free info graphic and share away. Just tag us when you do and spread the knowledge far and wide.

Small Good Choices: Home Selfie

Selfies have become a cultural phenomenon, but what about a selfie of your home? Take the concept of documenting your every move and document every detail of your home instead. Should you ever need to recall those details, you’ll be glad you did.

Small Good Choices: Half Birthday

It happens once per year… some enjoy half a cake and some don’t realize when it comes and goes. Make your half birthday trigger a financial literacy habit you won’t regret: reviewing the status of your financial planning.

Small Good Choices: Charity Starts at Home

Have Uncle Sam help your favorite charity right along your side. When you use checks or credit cards instead of cash, your donations are easier to track and deduct from taxes.