The unique goals and dynamics of a family group can ultimately drive the optimal structure, staffing and reporting needs of the office. 

To support you in carrying out your family’s legacy, we offer the following suite of services prepared exclusively for family offices:


Financial Monograph 

Through review of your existing planning documents and conversations with your current advisory team, we will prepare a comprehensive and detailed summary report –your family’s Financial Monograph. This process results in a solid understanding of your historical planning and the circumstances under which previous strategies were implemented. We then prepare a summary of our observations and recommendations to re-align your plan with your current objectives.


We will work with you to prioritize the order of execution and drive implementation according to an agreed-upon time frame. Actionable outcomes from your Financial Monograph may include:

Wealth Transfer

Once a transfer strategy is identified, we coordinate implementation and monitoring to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Charitable Giving

Whether you are planning lifetime or post-mortem charitable gifts, we work with you to develop a charitable plan that optimizes the tax benefit and impact of your generosity.

Portfolio Management

You may choose to engage Sequoia as your investment advisor or as an independent consultant to oversee your existing allocation and managers.  In either capacity, we will work to transition your portfolio from current to proposed strategies, which may involve manager changes, exposure to new asset classes and/or consolidation within a single custody platform. 

Structural Reorganization

As a family’s objectives evolve, it may be necessary to restructure the family office, including new entities, asset transfers, staffing and reporting systems. Sequoia may lead your overall reorganization efforts or serve as a subject-area expert as part of your reorganization team.



We firmly believe that proactive communication is essential to the ongoing management of your financial affairs. We initiate regular meetings to address the impact of legislative or market changes to your existing strategies, and to remain aligned with your current planning objectives.

* Sequoia Financial Advisors, LLC does not provide tax or legal advice. These professionals should be consulted separately before implementing changes to your tax or legal matters.