Wars are fought in unusual ways. Sometimes they are fought with symmetrical armies facing off on the battlefield, exchanging volleys of ammunition; other times they are fought as guerilla warfare, with stealth and asymmetrical battle.

Michael Pillsbury, in his book The Hundred-Year Marathon, suggests that China's hawks in leadership talk about developing an ‘Assassin's Mace’ to supplant the United States. The Assassin's Mace has its roots in ancient Chinese folklore, which recounts how a hero wielding such a weapon would overcome a more powerful adversary. The ‘Sha Shou Jian’ (杀手锏) was a hidden club with which the assassin incapacitated his enemy, suddenly and totally, instead of fighting him in a conventional way. The term is rooted in Chinese culture and is the equivalent of ‘silver bullet’ or ‘trump card’ (pun intended).


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