Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is a set of core principles focused on doing what is right for our clients.

The goal of the Sequoia investment process is to be opportunistic and responsive to perpetually changing investment scenarios in order to generate superior investment performance with less-than-commensurate risk through all markets, both good and bad.

Our investment process is put into practice by designing client portfolios that fulfill wealth planning goals, objectives, and expectations. We select from a wide range of investment solutions to determine which are appropriate for you and your asset allocation strategy.

Investment portfolio construction that meets client objectives is our ultimate benchmark and we take great care in analyzing and assessing potential capital appreciation as well as risk of loss.

Absolute investment performance is not our goal, but rather an intense focus on superior investment performance with less-than-commensurate risk and the perennial importance of capital preservation.

Active investment management will achieve highly favorable returns over full market cycles by utilizing a combination of acute asset allocation, proper portfolio diversification, and rigorous fundamental investment selection.

Volatility is not risk, but rather risk is the potential to lose money; assessing valuation and upside potential is a primary function and requires a dynamic and recalibrating investment process.