Providing you with strength and experience by developing a uniquely strategic plan to assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Sequoia’s Wealth Planning team provides you with strength and experience by developing a uniquely strategic plan to assist you in reaching your financial goals. Each plan is custom-tailored to your individual needs. Our planning team also supports our relationship managers and their ongoing planning based relationships.

Equally important to the planning process is the ongoing support we provide to help you remain on pace. Through the financial planning process, we not only draft your financial plan, but we also work with you to address your particular objectives as they relate to the following areas:

Financial Independence Planning

Your goal is to achieve a certain standard of living and financial independence. The burning question is: how do you get there? The Sequoia financial planning process outlines your strategic objectives and works with you to define a path to help you achieve your financial goals.

Risk Management/Contingency Planning

You’ve worked hard to accumulate income and assets, so naturally you want to protect them. Our risk management/ contingency planning helps to review your assets and income so they are properly titled, aligned, and insured.

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Whether it relates to family, charities, or others important to your life, Sequoia’s estate and wealth transfer planning process helps you develop a strategy for transitioning your hard-earned assets to the desired beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner*.

Business Succession Planning

Your business is a significant part of your life, and at some point you may want to monetize or otherwise transfer your assets and reap the benefits. Whether you want to conduct an outside sale, transition to employees or transfer to the next family generation, our wealth planning team brings years of experience in developing an appropriate, tax-efficient strategy*.

Retirement Income Planning

You may come to a point when you are ready to live off of the income your assets produce, instead of earning a working wage. Separate from your overall financial plan, our team assists you in developing a specific asset allocation and distribution strategy to help ensure your assets live as long as you do.


For many people, one of the greatest joys in life is giving back. The Sequoia Wealth Planning team assists you in developing a gift giving strategy that maximizes the long-term value of the gift and helps to ensure the gifting is completed in a tax-efficient manner*.

 *Sequoia Financial Advisors, LLC does not provide tax or legal advice. These professionals should be consulted separately before implementing changes to your tax or legal matters.