Sequoia Financial Group is pleased to announce that Don Laubacher, Senior Vice President, Family Wealth has been honored by the Northern Ohio Charitable Gift Planners by receiving the James P. Conway Mentor of the Year Award.

James P. Conway (1923-2010) was a gift planner of local and national prominence. In honor of his tradition of sharing with others in the profession, NOPGC established the James P. Conway Mentor of the Year Award to recognize those who consistently follow Conway’s philosophy of helping colleagues and their institutions achieve their goals.

Laubacher was recognized at the 28th Annual Planned Giving Day event. Planned Giving Day is Northern Ohio’s premier educational event for professionals involved with charitable gift planning; featuring expert speakers on timely gift planning topics & strategies. He is a tax planner, advisor, philanthropic gift and financial planner in the Northeast Ohio planned giving community, sharing his time to counsel high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and multi-generational family businesses sort out their complicated situations and plan for their ultimate goals.

Don Laubacher, recipient of the award, stated, “I am truly honored to be recognized by such a wonderful organization and by my peers. I personally admire Jim Conway and he was instrumental in my development.  I have dedicated my career to the planned giving community and enjoy helping people work to reach their financial goals, something Jim Conway has taught me. I am humbled to be in the great company of others in our industry who have been recognized for this award, thank you.”

Chuck Miller, President of Northern Ohio Charitable Gift Planners, stated, “Don is a trusted mentor because he willingly shares his unique blend of wisdom and patience throughout the philanthropic planning community.”