Our Perspective

At Sequoia, we represent you.

Many practitioners in the life insurance industry represent one principal company, with perhaps several back-up carriers to their customers. We choose to represent our clients to the industry, and thus always maintain their interests before ours or any of the Life Insurance companies in the industry. That’s an important fundamental distinction and perspective.

Multi-Company Platform

There is no such thing as “the best company.”

Insurance companies are typically strong in one product type, and not quite as competitive in another. The differences can even vary by age range and gender. In order to meet the needs of our diverse client base, we utilize a product platform that allows us to access virtually any company that has a brokerage (independent) distribution network. We tend to focus on those companies that are at the intersection of financial strength/integrity and price competitiveness.

Our Process

The single most important factor in the pricing of life insurance premiums is the underwriting classification. Not all companies price risk the same way, in fact some companies may decline offering insurance to an individual, while another company will offer the same individual one of the best underwriting classifications. Underwriting decisions are based on a variety of factors, including how the case is presented to the underwriting department of the companies to which it is shopped. 

We use an advocacy process, where we gather both medical and financial underwriting records and data, to present a cogent, compelling analysis as to why and how the insurance companies can find their way to a favorable decision from the client’s (and the company’s) perspective. Sometimes, companies make business decisions that are not always supported by the facts. That’s a good outcome for the client, and is more likely to occur in a competitive bidding process between multiple carriers.

Once we have obtained the underwriting offers, we then price out each company’s most competitive and appropriate product type for the specific insurable need of the client.

This process ensures that we stay focused on the important fundamentals of life insurance pricing and case design, and  provides our clients with choices that they can make as to company and product type on an informed basis. Education of the client throughout the process is essential to making an informed decision.

Technical Capabilities

Both in-house, and through the relationships we have built through our broker-dealer (Valmark Securities), we have access to some of the top technical minds in both the life insurance industry and related tax planning. This gives us the capability to provide expert advice for sophisticated tax planning, including:

  • Premium financing techniques (including Private Split Dollar)
  • ESOP Repurchase Liability funding programs
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation
  • Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • Phantom Stock plans

Often, the planning needs of our client will dictate and necessitate the use of specialized life insurance products that are specifically designed for unique applications.


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