Individuals who have accumulated substantial wealth have a unique set of needs and opportunities – both to plan for his or her own future, as well as the future of others.

Planning and execution are critical to achieving all goals. Accordingly, we offer the following suite of services:


Financial Independence

A comprehensive plan should serve as the foundation for, and validation of, your most important financial decisions.  Your plan is a dynamic, ever-changing vehicle that may be used to:

  • Determine minimum level of assets that should be retained in your estate prior to implementing a gifting plan
  • Monitor the success of previously implemented transfer strategies
  • Project future wealth accumulation by generation to identify potential estate tax exposure
  • Provide you with reassurance during a severe or prolonged bear market

Wealth Transfer

A properly designed and executed transfer strategy should provide for your family in a manner consistent with your wealth philosophies, while also reducing your current or future tax liabilities.

Charitable Planning

One of the most fulfilling rewards of wealth accumulation is the ability to give back.  Whether you are contemplating lifetime or post-mortem gifts, we will work with you to develop a charitable giving mission statement and design a plan to complete your gifting in a tax-efficient manner.  This may involve charitable trusts, a private foundation or donor-advised fund, life insurance strategies or gifts of appreciated stock. 

Portfolio Management

Advisory Services

We seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns in our client portfolios by implementing a top-down approach to asset allocation and identifying best-in-class managers. We perform extensive, ongoing due diligence on a variety of separate account managers, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs.) We do not offer proprietary products, so you can be assured that our investment recommendations will remain independent.