What is a Department Seminar?

Our experts will come to your group for a customized educational experience. We will bring a light meal and hold a casual discussion on topics that apply to your department including, but not limited to pre-retirement planning, Deferred Comp maximization, tax planning, college savings plans, work vs. retire scenarios, DROP plans and estate planning.

Why should you hold a Department Seminar?

You risk your life every day for the paycheck you take home. You deserve to have the confidence to take action, so that your retirement plan, estate plan and tax plan are working the way you need them to and will be there when you need them most. Retirement planning has changed significantly in the last 20 years and your new hires need to understand the importance of making contributions early and consistently in their career and that increasing contributions with pay increases can make a very significant difference over the course of 25 years. Those in your department who are 3-5 years from retirement need to make a plan and understand how their pension, annuity withdrawal (pre-tax and post-tax), 457, DROP (if applicable) and possible post-department employment all need to coordinate together. Each of the previous moving pieces in a retirement plan also needs to coordinate with the tax plan/return. If one of those pieces isn’t properly aligned with the others, it can have significant impact on the entire plan.

Everyone needs an estate plan (a will, Powers of Attorney, a trust).  Remember, you can only sign those documents when you don’t need them….don’t wait until it’s too late!

Who should attend our Department Seminar?

Your entire department, including spouses and administration, is welcome to attend. Consider inviting neighboring departments to attend as well.

When is the best time to hold a Department Seminar?

The best time is whenever you feel you will maximize attendance. Some departments prefer to have us present prior to their union meeting. Other departments have held multiple seminars to accommodate different shifts. We will provide a customized flier for you to use in promoting the seminar.

How do I schedule a Department Seminar?

To schedule a seminar, please contact Dawn Patton at (248)641-7400 or dpatton@sequoia-financial.com or guns-hoses@sequoia-financial.com.

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