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Some Thoughts on the Ford Buyout Offer to Salaried Employees (June 2017)

Get a complimentary view of our Ford Buyout Offer. We put our experience down on paper, and within are useful considerations for those who’ve been offered a buyout. Click here to view the paper in its entirety.

Some Thoughts on Lump-Sum Pensions and Interest Rates and How Lump-Sums Can Go Down When Interest Rates Rise (June 2017)

Get a a complimentary view of our white paper on Lump-Sum Pensions and Interest Rates. Click here to view the paper in its entirety.

Jumping too Quickly at Ford buyout could prove to be a Mistake

We have experience helping auto work employees decide if a buyout is right for them. Leon LaBrecque, Chief Growth Officer, had insights to share with The Detroit Free Press.


Ford buyouts: should you take it?
Are you considering a buyout from Ford? Watch this first!
Ford's Select Retirement Program offer details and considerations we recommend.