Corporate Investing & Retirement

The Dilemma

Today, more than ever, business leaders need to focus on their core operations. However, the reality is that the retirement plan is taking up an increasing amount of time and energy while still leaving even the most diligent of managers with a lack of clarity and confidence.

The volume of investment options, vendors, regulations and a continued lack of transparency can create a situation that is extremely complex and frustrating for the leader trying to do the right thing for the participants and the business while also limiting liability for themselves as Fiduciaries. Our experience has been that we find many plan sponsors are fighting an uphill battle and are not receiving the assistance they need and deserve!

The Solution

We have found plan sponsors are looking for someone to help them with comprehensive plan oversight, or, total plan governance. To experience a tangible level of value added services, plan sponsors need to work with a prudent expert–a professional that ERISA and court cases define as someone that is “not a prudent lay person but rather that of a prudent fiduciary with experience dealing with a similar enterprise” (Marshall v. Snyder 1 E.B.C. 1878 (E.D.N.Y. 1979).

Within Sequoia’s Institutional Services Group, we have developed and are focused exclusively on delivering total plan governance via The Prudent Expert System®.

The Prudent Expert System™ was created to ensure a comprehensive process while leveraging our independence and experience to deliver fiduciary simplicity and participant solutions both today and in the future. 

Prudent Expert System

Sequoia seeks to educate plan sponsors on how to manage a retirement plan efficiently and effectively. As we are engaged by plan sponsors we will then proceed to evaluate their unique plan and engineer the appropriate enhancements. As part of the implementation of plan improvements Sequoia will spend focused time with plan participants which will help us effect participant outcomes necessary to achieve their retirement goals. This is not a onetime effort. As your business and the marketplace evolves, Sequoia will continuously bring enhanced solutions to your plan. 

Capabilities & Deliverables 

Sequoia’s Institutional Services Group is purposefully built to provide specific solutions for plan fiduciaries and participants. The following capabilities and deliverables highlight what makes The Prudent Expert System™ process unique:

  • Focused & Experienced Retirement Plan Advisors with a Detailed Knowledge of:
    • Responsibilities of the Plan Sponsor and challenges inherent in managing a business
    • Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, Cash Balance and Nonqualified Plans
    • Due Diligence and onboarding support for acquisitions
    • Service providers pricing, systems and capabilities
    • Advisory Board member to several leading industry providers
    • Industry best practices
    • Regulatory Landscape & DOL Audits
    • Participant Goals & Challenges
  • Highly-credentialed staff
    • Certified Public Accountant – CPA
    • Certified Financial Planner – CFP®
    • Qualified Plan Financial Consultant – QPFC
    • Accredited Investment Fiduciary – AIF®
    • Qualified 401(k) Administrator – QKA
    • Cash Balance Consultant – CBC
  • Joining your team as fiduciaries – participating in both the decisions and the liability
  • Investment Manager capabilities – if needed, Sequoia is able to increase our service and responsibility by taking discretion within portfolio decisions
  • Independent solutions – maintain relevant securities licenses in order to access a variety of investment vehicles and service provider options
  • Passion to guide the participant to success – including specific individual meetings


We are pleased to announce that we were named as a 2018 Top 100 Retirement Plan Adviser!